A game-changing partnership

Digital glass printing by Fenzi Group

Tecglass and the Fenzi Group: mutual understanding and shared goals bring you the most advanced technologies and the strategic vision of true market leaders. Two businesses combined, driven not only by a strong propensity for innovation and the quest for quality, but also by a complete and unique specialization in the world of the most fascinating material: glass.

A complete range of ideas and solutions

Vitro Design Catalog

Be inspired by our Vitro Designs Catalog. Create and present your own design project.

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High Flowrate Recirculation System. No need to Clean the heads.

Benefits only a Tecglass machine can provide

Compared to traditional screen printing, Tecglass machines can:
- Reproduce any graphic project at the highest speeds possible, in the most varied sizes, in real time
- Eliminate the need to prepare and clean a screen printing frame for every job
- Reproduce any color, with an infinite range of chromatic results and special effects

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